Superfoods to Maximize Your Recovery After Injury

Experiencing an injury can be devastating, not only physically but also, emotionally.  Injury catches us completely off-guard and can even stop the best of athletes dead in their tracks.  Often, emphasis on recovery is placed on physical therapy, excercises and stretches to help us physically strengthen our bodies.  While all the above is necessary and beneficial, let’s not forget how we fuel our bodies when we are recovering from an injury or surgery is equally as important to a complete and healthy recovery.  Consuming these vitamins and foods will not only boost recovery time, but will also give your body the nutrition and fuel it needs to maintain a happy and healthy you! Continue reading Superfoods to Maximize Your Recovery After Injury

50+ Healthy Meals for Two

Let’s face it, eating out with your significant other is convenient. There’s no grocery shopping, no preparation, and no clean up. Sounds like the perfect scenario, right? Wrong!

While some restaurants are starting to adopt “healthier” menu options, most dishes are still loaded with sodium, trans fat, and unwanted calories. Not to mention that giant list of tempting appetizers, sugary drinks, and picture-perfect deserts staring at you.

Do not give into the temptation. Stay in and cook healthier meals together! Not only will you consume less calories with a home-cooked meal, you will know all of the ingredients that go into your food (which makes it easier to enter into calorie tracking apps) and can control your portions.

Check out these healthy, and delicious recipes, that are perfectly made for two!

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Say “No Thank You” to Those Holiday Pounds

It’s that time of the year. The time when it seems like you are eating one carb-loaded, fat-filled, yet delicious, holiday meal after another. Perhaps last year you enjoyed the holidays a bit too much and noticed some weight gain. This year, can be different. Here are 10 ways to beat that dreaded holiday weight gain.

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A Healthier You: Finding Wisdom in Winters

Wisdom Comes with Winters –Oscar Wilde

The first time I came across this quote was in high school.  It was the topic of a college entrance essay to which I was applying.  I remember, clear as day, staring at the blank sheet of paper as if it was looking right back at me just asking for me to think of something clever, meaningful.  I managed to write something witty enough to stand out but meaningful enough to convey thoughtfulness.  The events of this past holiday weekend reminded me of this quote which I have never forgotten, yet I have never really understood, until now.  Continue reading A Healthier You: Finding Wisdom in Winters

How to Start Off the Holiday Season on the Right Foot

The major “eating/drinking holidays” —Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day are here! Once Halloween candy hits the shelves, the battle against the holiday bulge begins. To avoid feeling weighed down by every cookie and cocktail you consume at your family gatherings and holiday parties, try these tips to stay on track this holiday season.

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