Stocking Your Kitchen for Quick and Healthy Meals

Most of us don’t want to be spending all day in the kitchen preparing food for our families. Nevertheless, we want homemade meals that taste good and are healthy. In my house it starts with, “what would you like for breakfast?” at which point we begin searching the cereal drawer, the fruit basket, and refrigerator to see if it is going to be a quick breakfast, or more preferably an egg, toast, and grapefruit type of day. That’s our favorite but there’s not always time for it. Does this sound like your house or do family members just find what they can and run out the door? The real question is, “what’s in your kitchen for quick and available meals?” Continue reading Stocking Your Kitchen for Quick and Healthy Meals

15 Little Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You

Diets and fitness fads aren’t built to last. Making subtle changes to your everyday life will turn into regular lifestyle habits that will. Celebrate the New Year with these 15 little lifestyle changes that can help you become a healthier you in 2017.

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The Science Behind Creating A Habit

Are you looking to kick off the year with a new good habit? Maybe you need to ditch some bad ones? Have no fear, Elite (and science!) are here to help.

You see, habits are tough. Some are good, like getting to the the gym once a day. Some are bad…like eating 6 cookies at a time when you go into the office break room. But there are scientific ways to get into the swing of good new habits and break bad ones. Continue reading The Science Behind Creating A Habit

10 Habits of Healthy People

Oh to be healthy.

While we all strive to be healthy, getting into a healthy groove can prove to be challenging. People are busy and it’s hard to adapt habits that accommodate a healthy lifestyle, especially when we are always on the go.

It can also be especially frustrating to know where to start when it comes to being healthy. Do you diet? Do you exercise more? Do you need to meditate?

Have no fear, Elite is here. With 10 habits of healthy people. Continue reading 10 Habits of Healthy People

20 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Have you ever just sat down and said to yourself, “I need to become happier and healthier.” Seems like a pretty vague statement, doesn’t it?

When you take on such a huge, and extremely vague, goal – you will most likely fail. This is not because you don’t have what it takes to achieve this lifestyle; but having such big and broad goals can be very intimidating.

The journey to becoming a healthier and happier individual is just that, a journey. No single task will be able to accomplish this goal. You need to accomplish small, achievable milestones every day.

Here are 20 simple, and realistic, things you can do to become happier and healthier every day.  Continue reading 20 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness