Beginners Guide to Getting Fit and Healthy

Today’s the day, you tell yourself. Today’s the day that you are going to commit to getting fit and healthy. But there’s just one teensy, tiny problem: You don’t quite know HOW to become fit and healthy.

No worries, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. We’ll start you off with a few pointers on how to get fit and why it’s important to be healthy. Bonus: We are here to help along the way, and if we don’t say so ourselves, we’re a pretty darn good support system.

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The Power of a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle does more than affect your physical appearance. Making healthy choices every day will also increase your chance at longevity and strengthen your emotional health. Continue reading The Power of a Healthy Lifestyle

You Need the Right Kind of Treat

You work hard, you need to “treat yo’ self.”

Now don’t run and grab an ice cream cone. That is just going to throw a wrench into everything you worked so hard for. When you treat yo’ self, you need to make sure you treat yo’ self right. Continue reading You Need the Right Kind of Treat

5 Exercise Myths Your Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Believing

Are you killing it in the gym and not seeing the results you’d like? Chances are you’ve fallen victim to bad advice. Here’s a handful of exercise myths to get you moving in the right direction and working your body to get the best results.

1. Lift less weight with more reps to get toned.
Why this isn’t so: Skipping the heavy barbells in favor of lighter weights with lots of repetitions won’t get you toned. To get toned, you need larger muscles and less fat. Challenging your body through heavier lifting and combining your strength training routine with regular cardio is the way to go. You will burn more calories, build more muscle and get the body you’ve been working so hard for.

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20 Myths About Nutrition

By Rita Larsen, RD, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Mainstream nutrition is full of nonsense. Despite all of the advancements in nutrition science, some myths just don’t die. It’s time to separate the fact from the fiction. Here are 20 nutrition myths and their truths that have been uncovered.

Myth #1: Eating late at night will make you fat.
Calories are calories, no matter what time of day they’re eaten. What you eat, and how much, is more important than the time you eat it.

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