Healthy Advice for My Younger Self

Last month you may have noticed that many of our blog and social posts focused on getting kids to start learning about health and wellness at an early age. As many of us know at this point in our lives, when we look back we may wish we had done things differently. Here are a few things some of our members would like to tell their younger self about staying healthy. A little “healthy advice” if you will… Continue reading Healthy Advice for My Younger Self

15 Little Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You

Diets and fitness fads aren’t built to last. Making subtle changes to your everyday life will turn into regular lifestyle habits that will. Celebrate the New Year with these 15 little lifestyle changes that can help you become a healthier you in 2017.

Continue reading 15 Little Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You

Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Congratulations! This week you did a great job working on your health and wellness. Don’t you think you deserve a reward? But perhaps we should make those healthy rewards…

Maybe you made it to the gym to get your exercise in, maybe you made healthy home cooked meals all week, swapped out an unhealthy snack for a better option, got enough sleep, or even took some time to mentally rest. Regardless of what you accomplished, here are some ways to treat yourself without derailing your health train. Continue reading Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Healthy Desk Snacks for Work

You’re sitting at work and your stomach begins to growl. Those not so healthy chips from the vending machine are calling your name, but you’re on a diet. What are you going to do?

Keeping a healthy snack in your desk is a great option to tackle late afternoon hunger. Keeping snacks in the fridge can also lead to the office bandit stealing your delicious snacks. So here is a little list of guilt free snacks you can keep in your top drawer. Continue reading Healthy Desk Snacks for Work

20 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Have you ever just sat down and said to yourself, “I need to become happier and healthier.” Seems like a pretty vague statement, doesn’t it?

When you take on such a huge, and extremely vague, goal – you will most likely fail. This is not because you don’t have what it takes to achieve this lifestyle; but having such big and broad goals can be very intimidating.

The journey to becoming a healthier and happier individual is just that, a journey. No single task will be able to accomplish this goal. You need to accomplish small, achievable milestones every day.

Here are 20 simple, and realistic, things you can do to become happier and healthier every day.  Continue reading 20 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness