Seniors Cheat Sheet for Hot Weather Activity

By Luke Lewitzke, CPT; Personal Training Director at Elite Sports Club-Mequon

It’s summertime in Wisconsin, and as the weather starts to warm up, thoughts start to turn to being active outside. We’ve spent the last couple of months sitting in the house watching the snow melt and the rain turn everything green, and now we want to enjoy the warmth of the sun! We go for walks, ride bicycles, work in the garden, play tennis, and exercise. But, as nice as it is to feel the warmth of summer and spend our time outside, it’s important to remember that being active in the summer heat carries a new set of challenges.

When active outside in the warm, sometimes hot and humid weather; seniors need to really pay attention to how your body is feeling. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration are all serious concerns that seniors need to take steps to avoid, so I am going to give you a couple of tips to help you prepare for your active, outdoor lifestyle this summer season. Continue reading Seniors Cheat Sheet for Hot Weather Activity