Post Valentine’s Day Sweets Recovery

So you just ate a whole box of chocolates or sleeve of red velvet Oreos with your Valentine’s Day sweetie…now what?

I’m a sweets kinda gal. Just love em! And it can be a problem, particularly at specific times of the year…like when my kids were smaller and they brought home a huge plastic pumpkin filled with Halloween candy, or during the holidays when everyone starts sending you boxes of chocolates and parties abound. Ohhhh, the caramel filled chocolates…but I digress. Continue reading Post Valentine’s Day Sweets Recovery

Are Your Holiday Expectations Realistic?

So we are off today with our list of things we hope to accomplish by year’s end! Buy some groceries for a special meal, some last minute packages to prepare for the mail, and some treats for a get together with neighbors! Does this sound like something that you are doing just about now?! But what can you do about all of the other expectations which appear to be on your shoulders? Continue reading Are Your Holiday Expectations Realistic?

Holiday Herb Meat Rub

Your plans are made and guests have been invited for your most wonderful holiday meal together! You are all set. Or are you?! You have some family favorites, that is for sure, but what about your main entree? You “kind of know” and truly most meat counters have a great variety of wonderful meats to choose from. So, here is a wonderful holiday herbal meat rub that you can put all over any cut of meat for delicious taste! Continue reading Holiday Herb Meat Rub

Easy and Healthy Recipes for Your Next Holiday Party

Together with Fitness Intern, Taylor Thompson, I had the pleasure of visiting all of the Elite Clubs to give our best recommendations for “Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays”. We had a great time talking to members about how to make food preparation easy, fun, and healthy for your upcoming holiday party! After all, hosting should be enjoyable for you too—which means that you should be quick in the kitchen, serve something wonderful, and be ready to go when guests arrive. Continue reading Easy and Healthy Recipes for Your Next Holiday Party

Best Options for Healthier Holiday Drinks

Most of us are looking forward to the happiness and joy of the holiday season, especially when we think about the fun of being with people we truly appreciate. As the events start coming and the repetition of spirited food and drink arrives, we have several suggestions for you on how to go about choosing healthier holiday drinks this season. Continue reading Best Options for Healthier Holiday Drinks