5 Places to Find Inspiration

It can be difficult to find inspiration this time of year. It’s still cold, but spring is almost here. The buzz of the new year has worn off, there aren’t any big holidays to look forward to, and now is the time that people usually throw their resolutions to the wind.

At Elite, we encourage you not to let this slump time of year get the best of you. And the best way to find your inspiration to keep going, work harder, be the best version of yourself, is actually a lot closer than you think. Continue reading 5 Places to Find Inspiration

How to Be Your Own Hero

“Excelsior.” Excelsior is Latin for, “ever forward” or, “ever higher.”

This is the motto of Stan Lee, creator of many of the comic book characters that light up movie screens all over and are inked into the comic books that seem to be everywhere.

Why does this matter at all? Well, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle or making a change, we often look to others to get us started. We need a friend to go with us to the gym, a partner to stay up late to finish work with, or a sous chef who will keep you accountable for making healthier meals. But you don’t really need another person. You’re the hero of your story – make the changes yourself. Continue reading How to Be Your Own Hero

Life Is Hard. Here Are Some Quotes.

Difficult times are unavoidable. Whether you’re starting to struggle with getting tired from a fitness routine, you’re buried in work, or just all around burned out, sometimes it can be really hard to keep a positive attitude and keep you focused on the end goal.

However the power of positive thinking is here to help pull you out of your slump. Having a good attitude is half of the battle—positive attitude, positive results as they say. But being happy and positive all the time is not realistic, unless you’re a robot, Barbie, or Dora the Explorer.

So, for when life’s got you down, here are some quotes from people far wiser than us. Enjoy. Continue reading Life Is Hard. Here Are Some Quotes.

Why YOU are the Key to Group Exercise Class Success

“Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps.  We must step up the stairs.”-Vaclav Havel

It’s hard to believe nearly a year has passed since becoming a part of the Elite community. Joining Elite has given me the opportunity to challenge my limits and grow stronger both physically and mentally. Not to mention, I have also shrunk by 16lbs, but what has surprised me the most since joining Elite is something that has just recently snuck up on me out of nowhere. Through the strength of others here, both peers and instructors alike, I have become a leader. Continue reading Why YOU are the Key to Group Exercise Class Success

How Having a “Mantra” Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

For the past year and a half, I’ve been coaching a phenomenal high school punter. He is now ranked third in all of the land!

After his junior season in three months, he will be undoubtedly receiving every top ranked school’s scholarship. This will allow him to have the opportunity to choose wherever he wants to go for college for FREE anywhere in the country—very few get this incredible opportunity.

But, how did he do it?

Continue reading How Having a “Mantra” Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals