Meet Laury Christian Post: “You, Me & the Reformer Makes Three”

Twenty years ago Laury Christian Post was the middle car in a three car accident. “I was the meat in the sandwich so to speak.” The accident herniated the discs in her cervical spine at the 5th & 6th vertebrae, with compression at the 7th. A cervical fusion/discectomy was performed by a Neurosurgeon not long after the accident. For years she looked for exercise programs that would keep her neck healthy without causing re-injury. Continue reading Meet Laury Christian Post: “You, Me & the Reformer Makes Three”

How to Avoid Injury & Pain in Yoga Class

We’ve all heard it before, read about it everywhere and talked about it with physicians, family and friends. If it is true, that yoga is a great salve for the body, mind and soul, then why does my body hurt before, during and/or after class? Here’s a few tips for stopping and even preventing injury and pain during your yoga practice. Continue reading How to Avoid Injury & Pain in Yoga Class

Instructor Highlight: Christy Beckmann

Some of you may know Christy Beckmann in her role as a member services representative and operations manager at Elite Sports Club – West Brookfield. Others may now know her in another new role as events coordinator for The Quad at Elite Sports Club – River Glen. But then of course many of us have known Christy for a long time as a group exercise instructor as well!  Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Christy Beckmann

Instructor Highlight: Steve Cigich

Exercise has always meant freedom and escape. As a teenager, cycling meant excursions with friends on various adventures. Week long bike-packing trips from CT to PA or NH (to bike Mount Washington back when it was still allowed) until the ultimate trip in 1978: a 5,000-mile adventure through the Canadian Rockies and across the United States. It was a simpler time then. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Steve Cigich

Instructor Highlight: Jennifer Grosshandler

Working out in the water is a great option year-round here at Elite Sports Clubs. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our many excellent water exercise class instructors, Jennifer Grosshandler. She loves being in the pool and introducing members to new ways of exercising. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Jennifer Grosshandler