Staff Stories: Scott Eigenberg Shares His “Ah ha” Moment

Our members aren’t the only ones working towards goals and striving to become a better version of themselves. Elite Sports Clubs staff share some of their own stories about their health & fitness successes.

I actually remember vividly my “ah ha” moment. A lot of you might know what I’m talking about. You’re constantly busy at work and with family and home obligations. You know you want and need to get active, but you just are not completely ready to make it a priority. Continue reading Staff Stories: Scott Eigenberg Shares His “Ah ha” Moment

Shred-HIIT Group Training Program Review

As an Elite Sports Clubs member enthusiast and Member Ambassador, I am making my job a little more fun, and your job of finding that perfect workout a whole lot easier!  This fall, I am taking it upon myself to test the latest and greatest of Elite’s various training programs and group exercise classes, and then report back to you my experience.  Here’s the cool part;  I’m in ok shape, but I’ve got a ways to go.  I’m not a trainer, I’m not a fitness fanatic, and I even eat Oreos from time to time.  So, I’m one of you!  If I think a class is hard, I’ll tell you.  If I wore the wrong thing, I’ll tell you what not to wear and what to wear instead. You get the gist.  I hope that you will find this series to be helpful and inspire you to get out there, and find the perfect combination of workouts for you! Continue reading Shred-HIIT Group Training Program Review

Time for Tabata

This past week marks the first time I have worked out since July 2013.  I have an excuse; at least for the first 9 months of my 17 month sabbatical.  I was pregnant with my son, and for numerous reasons, was advised not to exercise.  However, for the remaining 8 months each day was accompanied by a new excuse. “The baby was up 3 times last night,” “I ran out of coffee and I can only work out when I drink caffeine” (never mind the 24 pack of Diet Coke in the fridge), or my go-to, “I need to clean the house.” (Because, that takes at least 5 hours.) Well, sometimes it does but that’s not the point.  The point is that everyone knows the best clothes of the year come out in the spring, which means I’ve got roughly 4 months and 20lbs standing between me and a pair of seafoam dyed skinny jeans.

Continue reading Time for Tabata

Quick & Dirty Workouts

You don’t have much time to do anything these days, let alone get in a decent workout. We get it, it’s hard to prioritize all of your “must do’s” and “should do’s” (plus some of those “really want to do’s”). You know that exercising every day is an important aspect of your long-term health. Well, luckily studies show you only need about 30 minutes of physical activity a day to reap the health benefits. So, here’s a few quick & dirty workouts that will only take about 30 minutes to complete and get you closer to that 30-minutes-a-day goal. Continue reading Quick & Dirty Workouts

Tabata High Intensity Interval Training: The fastest way to fitness & fat loss!

Tabata Training at Elite Sports Clubs

Tabata interval training is one of the single most effective types of high intensity interval training, it’s also the most intense by far, and surprisingly it’s the shortest in duration, it only lasts for four minutes… but those four minutes produce remarkable effects! Continue reading Tabata High Intensity Interval Training: The fastest way to fitness & fat loss!