Work HARDER to Get the Most Out of Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training isn’t exactly a “new” concept anymore. We’ve talked about interval training before here on the Elite blog (see: “Tabata High Intensity Interval Training: The fastest way to fitness & fat loss!”) and we offer plenty of classes and training programs that incorporate it as well. Lately though, the newest craze is just how long that interval needs to be; i.e. 20 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds? How long (and how hard) do you actually need to work out to reap the benefits of interval training?

Well, Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had the same questions, and luckily Elite Sports Club – North Shore’s Group Exercise Director and Certified Personal Trainer, Amy Hall was here to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions popping up in the news about high intensity interval training. Check out the video and excerpt below from the interview: Continue reading Work HARDER to Get the Most Out of Interval Training

Elite Sports Clubs Trainer Interview on Kettlebells

We don’t like to brag (okay, maybe we do) but often our Elite Sports Clubs trainers are sought after by area writers and bloggers for their fitness expertise. Our trainers are featured regularly in Modern Health and Living, and have been a source of information for the Chin Up blog on JSOnline, among others.

Anthony Moro Presses a Kettlebell Overhead at the RKC Workshop
Photo via Dragon Door

Recently, Elite Sports Club-Mequon trainer Anthony Moro was interviewed about his experience with kettlebell training by Dragon Door. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Dragon Door: How did you first get involved with fitness?
Anthony Moro: I’ve been an athlete my whole life. My parents kind of pushed me in that direction—as a kid I played nearly every sport! In high school I played football and ran track. And I’ve been in the Marines since high school graduation at age 18. When I finally came into the Reserves, I went to college for a semester before I was deployed again. So during my freshman year I played football and went to Afghanistan. After I came back, I started back with football and running track right into my senior year this year.

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