How to Sneak More Vegetables Into Your Day

Having a hard time eating those veggies? Get ready for some tips on how to eat more vegetables regularly and up your fiber game!

What is your daily dose of vegetables? In the 1980’s and 1990’s the amount of 1/2-cup portions of vegetables that was recommended was 3-5 each day. Then, in early the 2000’s, several experts began to recommend even more vegetables, 5-7 servings per day, after research from the Cancer Institute was completed. Much of the increase in the recommended amount of servings has come from the fact that there is so much more information out today regarding the benefits of fiber in the adult diet. Today, we are being asked to eat ten 1/2-cup servings or 5-cups per day! But how do you do it? Continue reading How to Sneak More Vegetables Into Your Day

7 Ways to Stay Active All Day

Like a lot of us, you probably spend a lot of time sitting, whether it be in your car, at your desk, or on your sofa. All of this sitting can be detrimental to your health. Even if you have a consistent routine with regular trips to the gym, it will only benefit your health to stay active as much as possible throughout the entire day. Here are a few ways that you can stay active all day long, even when you’re not sweating it up at the gym. Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Active All Day

Morning Exercise: 5 Ways to Get Yourself Up and Moving

Rise & Shine! It’s exercise time! Exercising in the morning can give your body some fabulous benefits. Morning exercise jump starts your metabolism and keeps you burning calories all day long. Morning exercise also helps you feel more alert and boosts productivity. Plus, by knocking out your workout first thing, you don’t need to worry about finding the time to squeeze it in later, especially when the unexpected pops up during the day.

Continue reading Morning Exercise: 5 Ways to Get Yourself Up and Moving

Playroom Time at Elite is Great for Your Kids and You!

For those of you who are parents, you have most likely used the playroom at Elite at least one time or another while you grab a quick workout or play with your tennis league. As a mother of 2 kids, I was thrilled to discover that Elite offers FREE childcare while at the club as well as a drop-off service that charges less than you would pay a sitter. What I didn’t know at the time I joined Elite was that the playroom service would become such an integral part of my children’s lives and would help me out more than I ever imagined. Continue reading Playroom Time at Elite is Great for Your Kids and You!

5 Ways to Hit the Reset Button on Your Health

I love reading wellness blogs. Whether I’m feeling sluggish, making every excuse I can to avoid the gym, or full of energy and motivation, I always feel inspired after reading the latest and greatest on fitness and nutrition advice from the leading health gurus. But in reality, if I followed every piece of advice that I read, I’d be doing nothing but planks and stuffing myself with wilted rabe and turmeric smoothies.

But with spring/summer finally here (knocking on wood as I write this), I am fully committed to seriously hitting the reset button on my wellness routine so I can rock my shorts and skirts that stayed hidden in drawers all too often last summer. I’ve tried a ton of different trends in wellness in the last few years. Some work really well, while others are quite frankly laughable in my opinion. So, as a self proclaimed wellness novice, here’s a simple list of tips and tricks that have worked for me consistently to gain energy and strength, and lose some serious inches. Continue reading 5 Ways to Hit the Reset Button on Your Health