An Introduction to Mat & Reformer Pilates

“The Pilates method of body conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” (Joseph Pilates) We’re excited to re-introduce mat pilates and reformer pilates training as a part of Elite’s Exhale Studios mind/body programming. Here’s a quick intro into the two modalities and our offerings here at Elite Sports ClubsContinue reading An Introduction to Mat & Reformer Pilates

Why Do Water Aerobics?

There are many stereotypes regarding water aerobics classes. Many assume this particular type of class is really meant for seniors. Others would prefer to just swim laps in the pool. Then there’s the majority of the population who never step foot in the pool unless it involves a floatie and a cool beverage, or just to goof around with the kids. But, you shouldn’t totally write off water aerobics, and here’s why. Continue reading Why Do Water Aerobics?

How to Burn More Calories While You Walk

The simplest of exercises: tie on your favorite walking shoes and go! But how can we maximize that basic walk outside? Getting out and enjoying the fresh air is one thing, but we want to be efficient about our exercise. And as fun as walking is, you don’t want to have to be out there for 4 hours to burn off that one piece of cake that you just had to have. So, let’s take a look at options for burning more, so you can do other things in your day and not just exercise. Continue reading How to Burn More Calories While You Walk

5 Benefits of Exercising in Water

Using pools and water as a means of exercising can be very beneficial to your body and your workout routine. You can use your time in the pool doing laps, or even water aerobics. What? Water aerobics? No, it’s not just for “old” people, but for anyone looking for a new challenge and a great way to cross train. We’ll get into that later, but first let’s start with the benefits of water. Continue reading 5 Benefits of Exercising in Water