The Importance of Routinely Resting Your Body

The importance of resting your body is often overlooked in today’s busy lifestyles. It seems, as a society, we have promoted a culture of productivity, efficiency, and high energy lifestyles. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things, it’s essential that we don’t neglect rest. Having a well-rested body will keep your mind clear and focused. It will also keep your body feeling good and benefit your overall health. Figuring out how to balance rest with your everyday workload can be quite the challenge. We are here to help by offering up different ways of getting rest. Each of these methods can prove beneficial in your efforts toward routinely resting your body.

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Developing a Strong Core (Inside & Out) Through Pilates & Yoga

By Melissa Abramovich, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-River Glen

The development of a strong and healthy midsection, and the development of a strong and healthy mind can both be accomplished simultaneously through two different paths. Both Yoga and Pilates can increase core strength as well as developing fortitude of spirit. We focus on increasing the strength of the body through movement (the Asanas or poses), and simultaneously work on focusing the mind to work in better concert with the body, through the breath (pranayama). Both Yoga and Pilates focus on breath work as a means to connecting the mind and body. First, I’d like to focus on the Pilates Method, and how that can help to develop a strong body and mind. Continue reading Developing a Strong Core (Inside & Out) Through Pilates & Yoga

Proven Stress Busting Tips

This time of the year, the holiday season, can be particularly stressful. So here are some stress reduction tips to not only get you through the holiday season, but through the rest of the year. Do these symptoms of stress seem familiar to you?

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