10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Isn’t it sad how much time we spend putting ourselves down? Our negative thoughts about ourselves can bleed into all aspects of our lives, creating the environment for being less successful, less happy, and less satisfied. So below, I’ve listed 10 ways you can feel better about yourself, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading 10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Happiness Is Key To Success

Whether you’re at work, at home, or at the gym, you want to be productive. From getting a huge project done, getting a huge load of laundry done, or finally running 3 straight miles, a certain level of drive and dedication is needed to get the job done. And happiness can help you. Continue reading Happiness Is Key To Success

Embrace Your Quirks

The internet is ablaze with articles, blogs, songs, quotes, you name it…with body positivity. This is a great thing. Far too many people focus on the negatives when it comes to their bodies, “I need to lose 5 lbs,” “I wish I had her legs,” “I wish I had his abs,” “I wish my hair was curly,” “I wish my hair was straight,” etc. What we really need to do instead is learn to embrace our whole selves, quirks and all! Continue reading Embrace Your Quirks

5 Places to Find Inspiration

It can be difficult to find inspiration this time of year. It’s still cold, but spring is almost here. The buzz of the new year has worn off, there aren’t any big holidays to look forward to, and now is the time that people usually throw their resolutions to the wind.

At Elite, we encourage you not to let this slump time of year get the best of you. And the best way to find your inspiration to keep going, work harder, be the best version of yourself, is actually a lot closer than you think. Continue reading 5 Places to Find Inspiration

How to Be Your Own Hero

“Excelsior.”¬†Excelsior is Latin for, “ever forward” or, “ever higher.”

This is the motto of Stan Lee, creator of many of the comic book characters that light up movie screens all over and are inked into the comic books that seem to be everywhere.

Why does this matter at all? Well, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle or making a change, we often look to others to get us started. We need a friend to go with us to the gym, a partner to stay up late to finish work with, or a sous chef who will keep you accountable for making healthier meals. But you don’t really need another person. You’re the hero of your story – make the changes yourself. Continue reading How to Be Your Own Hero