Understanding the Content of Your Favorite Yogurt

We all know we love our yogurt. It has been a part of our everyday breakfast, lunch, and for sure, a snack choice for some time. Today, yogurt comes in such a variety of flavors, and forms, that we have many, many choices available to us. Continue reading Understanding the Content of Your Favorite Yogurt

Do You Have the Blood Sugar Blues?

A well-known 1950’s actress by the name of Gloria Swanson contributed to a book titled “Sugar Blues” written by William Dufty. The opening chapter depicts Swanson’s struggle with sugar and how she would experience a “crash” within 20-30 minutes of consuming it. She described how she’d experience a tremendous drop in her blood sugar, which she coined as the “Sugar Blues.” Later her doctor figured out that Swanson regularly consumed large doses of sugary type foods, including soda, before she went on stage. Continue reading Do You Have the Blood Sugar Blues?

Protein Content in Commonly Used Foods

Most people have no idea how much protein they are eating until they try to increase it to improve their diet or to enhance workout potential. If you would like to do this for yourself, here is an easy list to use for those calculations. Continue reading Protein Content in Commonly Used Foods

Why I Support the Use of Dietary Supplements

It’s true, it is often questionable to consider using Dietary Supplements for daily use. After all, we all eat a good amount of foods. So, what’s the point? And, to add to the questions, the FDA continues to examine the use of—or misuse of—supplements as being detrimental to the well-being of most Americans.

With all the facts on the table, I still contend that with various factors at hand we should give taking dietary supplements a good look. It has been my experience that with the environmental issues we have at hand, the amount of stress most of us endure on a daily basis, and the lack of adequate nutrition throughout the day from poorly planned meals or the lack thereof; it is probably best to take a conservative amount of most multi-vitamin and mineral supplements. Continue reading Why I Support the Use of Dietary Supplements

Salt: Friend or Foe?

New York City, as recently as November 30th of 2015, placed a warning symbol on many high salt dishes (higher than 3400 mg sodium) on the menus of its local restaurants. For example, two of the most popular, but salty, menu items were a Cheddar Bacon Burger and a Buffalo Chicken Salad, which respectively had 4280 mg sodium and 3460 mg sodium.

Recommended Salt Intake & Restaurant Transparency

City health authority has warned that Americans eat too much salt and as a result are adding to their health risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. The average person, they state, “should have 2300 mg sodium per day.” By having these standards set in restaurants patrons will have a chance to have the facts necessary to make better decisions about their salt usage. Health department officials feel they have made the right decision to alert the general public; as they await the new federal standards of salt use due out later in 2016. Continue reading Salt: Friend or Foe?