Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

Matthew Bishop is a certified personal trainer who recently joined the Elite family. Not only does Matthew have an enthusiastic personality, he is a dedicated trainer and will make sure you stay motivated in order to achieve success. Learn more about his personal philosophy, experiences, and outlook on fitness training! Continue reading Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

Fall Prevention – Just in Time for Fall!

It can happen to anyone—tripping and falling is just a part of walking upright. But as we get older, the odds of taking a tumble increase, and the repercussions are potentially more serious. So, how can we stack the deck in our favor? Here are some fall prevention tactics and exercises. Continue reading Fall Prevention – Just in Time for Fall!

Staff Stories: Jack Slater on Motivating Others

It’s not an easy task motivating others. As a personal trainer I will typically get the “can you get me motivated?” question and it’s just such a hard one to handle. Instead of trying to give them a pep talk, I instead tell them about my beginning as a personal trainer. Continue reading Staff Stories: Jack Slater on Motivating Others

How to Do Lifts Correctly

Lifting can be a hard part of working out to take up. Without introduction to proper form and guidance through a workout, it may lead to injury and lack of results to show for the hard work one has put in. This is a guide to some easy lifts and workouts to help save your limbs and muscles and help you maintain proper form.
Continue reading How to Do Lifts Correctly