Meet Laury Christian Post: “You, Me & the Reformer Makes Three”

Twenty years ago Laury Christian Post was the middle car in a three car accident. “I was the meat in the sandwich so to speak.” The accident herniated the discs in her cervical spine at the 5th & 6th vertebrae, with compression at the 7th. A cervical fusion/discectomy was performed by a Neurosurgeon not long after the accident. For years she looked for exercise programs that would keep her neck healthy without causing re-injury. Continue reading Meet Laury Christian Post: “You, Me & the Reformer Makes Three”

Instructor Highlight: Susie Montross

Susie Montross has contributed a few posts to the Elite blog; including ones on “The High Cost of NOT Exercising” and “5 Basic Dog Exercises for You & Your Furry Friend”. We’ve also reviewed her Signature Group Training program, “Shred-HIIT”. But in addition to being a certified personal trainer, and Elite Sports Club – Brookfield’s Personal Training Director, Susie also teaches quite a few complimentary group exercise classes too! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Susie Montross

Instructor Highlight: Kim Boyajian

Kim Boyajian is quite versed in pilates and yoga classes and teaches at Elite Sports Club – Brookfield. Here’s your chance to learn a little more about  Kim Boyajian, her fitness methods, and possibly get inspired to try one of her classes! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Kim Boyajian

The High Cost of NOT Exercising

I recently read a blog by a woman who was complaining about “How the cost of being Fit Adds Up.” She listed the cost of various events she had signed up for throughout the year as well as clothing, gym membership, weight loss products, etc. She then stated that she would not spend any more money for fitness this year. The blog was posted in October.

I discussed this with one of my 70ish year old clients. He told me that at a holiday party this year a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time commented about how fit he looked. My client told his friend that he works out at his gym with a trainer a couple of times a week. His friend asked him why a guy his age would spend that kind of money. My client asked him how many pills he took a day. Seven was the reply. My client told his friend that he pays less a month in training and his gym membership than the friend does on pills—my client doesn’t take any. Continue reading The High Cost of NOT Exercising

Which Exercise Classes are Right for You?

Looking for the right group exercise classes is a little bit like shopping. If you don’t have a specific item in mind, wandering the aisles of a store can be overwhelming. Similarly, reading the descriptions on a group exercise schedule can quickly become a confusing mix of adjectives and exclamation points, making it hard to choose the best option for you if you don’t have a specific exercise goal you’re trying to achieve.

As any experienced shopper will tell you, the way to have the most success is to have a clear idea of what you want before you walk in the door. When presented with a myriad of exercise options, it’s easy to make an “impulse buy.” If you make too many decisions that don’t fit your needs or goals, you might lose your motivation altogether!

So, how can you be more efficient with your time at your health club and foster your excitement about the potential exercise has for you? Continue reading Which Exercise Classes are Right for You?