5 Plank Variations to Challenge Your Body

You’ve been exercising for awhile now, and you have been getting results but recently hit a plateau. It’s time to challenge your body with progressions of the exercises you have already been doing. If you continue to do a standard plank, for example, even adding time isn’t enough to continue to challenge your body to move forward. You need to go into uncharted territory to gain the results you are after. Let’s go through a progression of the plank, in order to examine what you can do with a basic exercise to make it more challenging, so you continue to see results. Continue reading 5 Plank Variations to Challenge Your Body

How to Improve Your Sweatitude!

In the past we did a “Plank Off” challenge here in our fitness center at Elite Sports Clubs. Now I know the plank may not be your favorite exercise, even if it is good for you. But I can’t tell you the number of people who gave up before they even got started. Excuses started flowing like spring rain: “Well, some folks can already do a longer plank than I can, so why even try?” or “Oh, I’m not good at those. Forget it.” (Insert raised eyebrow here.) Excuse me? Isn’t that the whole point of this? We’re here to improve, to strive for better results, greater strength gains—what all of you need to do is work on your Sweatitude! Continue reading How to Improve Your Sweatitude!

Everyday Exercises Anyone Can Do: Front Plank Variations

By Jordan Meyer, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor at Elite Sports Club-North Shore

Planks are a great all-around exercise for the core. Even though the abdominal muscles are the main focus in a traditional front plank, you’re also using a ton of other muscles to keep proper form (quads, lats, triceps, etc). One of the best parts about planks are their minimal time requirement. Continue reading Everyday Exercises Anyone Can Do: Front Plank Variations