How to Break a Fitness Plateau

Generally speaking, we are happier when we are making progress. When we stop making progress, like during a fitness plateau, we tend to get easily frustrated. Whether it’s weight loss, building muscle, or learning a new skill, the key to overcoming a standstill in progress is variety.

According to research, a body will adapt to a fitness regimen within six weeks’ time, leaving you with the feeling of stagnant progress.  Mixing up your routine will spur your muscles and body into growth again and help you to continue making advancement toward your goals.

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What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Workout Rut

If you ever have those days, weeks, or even months where you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your fitness routine, you might be in a workout rut. You catch yourself watching the clock more than usual during your workout, and you’re cutting it short because said clock is torturing you. You get yourself to the gym, but your mind isn’t there; you’re simply going through the motions. You feel like you’re working hard, but you’re not making any gains on your goals. You’re ridiculously bored when you’re at the gym. Those are all definite signs that point to being stuck in a workout rut. Here’s a few tips on what you can do to get out of that rut and back to loving your workout routine and making gains.

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Are You Overtraining?

Are You Overtraining-Elite Sports Clubs

There is a malady in exercise that affects new and seasoned exercisers alike. This malady is overtraining and can be harmful for the unsuspecting exerciser. If unrecognized and exercise modification does not occur, overtraining can cause stagnation, decrease in exercise gains or even injury. Overtraining is defined as excessive frequency, volume, or intensity of training, resulting in fatigue (which is due to the lack of proper rest and recovery). Continue reading Are You Overtraining?

Vary Your Routine to Stay Challenged & Keep Getting Results

By Amy Hall, Group Exercise Director & Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-North Shore

Vary Routine-Stay Challenged-Get Results-Elite

How satisfied are you with your current results? Are you stuck in that place of wishing you could lose those last 10 pounds? Or wanting to get physically stronger? I realize that there’s something very comforting about having a regular routine, and that a regular routine may have helped you reach particular fitness goals at one time. Nevertheless, as your body has adjusted and gotten used to that routine suddenly you’ve found yourself at a plateau because the same thing over and over again isn’t burning the same amount of calories anymore. Continue reading Vary Your Routine to Stay Challenged & Keep Getting Results