Pesto Zucchini Pasta Recipe

This pesto zucchini pasta recipe is from Elite’s fresh local food service partner, FitFoodMKE. It was also served at the kickoff party of our annual competition, “The Wellness & Lifestyle Challenge” which helps members kick off the new year and keep those resolutions going! Everyone loved this healthy and fresh recipe that can be served as a side or your main dish. Continue reading Pesto Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Members’ Favorite After School Snacks & Treats

Once a week at each of the five Elite Sports Clubs locations I host a program called “Ask the Dietitian“. It’s a free program for members where they can come discuss programs they’re are interested in, popular nutritional topics that are found in the press, medical concerns and the resulting diet, or how they wish to match a fitness program with the appropriate diet. At one of my sessions members shared their own favorite after school snacks and treats, and I thought I’d share these with the rest of you today. Continue reading Members’ Favorite After School Snacks & Treats

Dirty Peanut Smoothie Recipe

Here’s a smoothie recipe from one of our Elite Sports Club – Mequon members. It’s a go to for parents as a favorite smoothie that kids love and will drink. Several of our other members have also tried this particular peanut smoothie recipe and enjoyed it. Continue reading Dirty Peanut Smoothie Recipe

Holiday Herb Meat Rub

Your plans are made and guests have been invited for your most wonderful holiday meal together! You are all set. Or are you?! You have some family favorites, that is for sure, but what about your main entree? You “kind of know” and truly most meat counters have a great variety of wonderful meats to choose from. So, here is a wonderful holiday herbal meat rub that you can put all over any cut of meat for delicious taste! Continue reading Holiday Herb Meat Rub

How to Make Classic Saffron Rice

Many families, including mine, will have classic delicious recipes for their holidays that they can count on being a success for their wonderful, familiar taste. Such is the way for the subtle, but savory taste of Saffron Rice. Nevertheless, you will need to go out of your way to have saffron on hand and to know the best techniques to prepare this wonderful dish! Specifically, there are three very important details that you will need to know in order to prepare this classic Saffron Rice dish! Continue reading How to Make Classic Saffron Rice