Why Do Water Aerobics?

There are many stereotypes regarding water aerobics classes. Many assume this particular type of class is really meant for seniors. Others would prefer to just swim laps in the pool. Then there’s the majority of the population who never step foot in the pool unless it involves a floatie and a cool beverage, or just to goof around with the kids. But, you shouldn’t totally write off water aerobics, and here’s why. Continue reading Why Do Water Aerobics?

Building Strong Shoulder Muscles

How does personal training work? Why bother going to a personal trainer when you can do all of the exercises by yourself? One reason might be to stay accountable. But for our purposes here, I want to show you how we build programs for folks, to obtain very specific goals. Whether you’re a guy and want to build muscle mass, or a gal who is looking to tone up and look sleeker for summer, working on building shapely shoulder muscles should be in your mix. Continue reading Building Strong Shoulder Muscles

Battle Ropes Basics and Sample Workouts

The use of battle ropes in workouts today is increasing tremendously. Gyms are providing them and trainers are continuing to incorporate them into client’s workouts. With the many benefits and simple execution, they’re becoming more and more popular for active people everywhere. According to John Brookfield, creator of the original battling-ropes system, “They’re a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle…they also provide a killer cardio workout.” Continue reading Battle Ropes Basics and Sample Workouts

7 Important Tips for Resistance Training

By Alex Oldakowski, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield

Resistance training is an important aspect of any workout regimen, but there are a few things you need to remember in order to reap all its benefits. If you don’t keep these tips in mind, you may not see any progress, or worse, get injured. So, read on to see if you have been forgetting something important all along! Continue reading 7 Important Tips for Resistance Training

7 Important Tips for Resistance Training

By Alex Oldakowski, Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Personal Trainer

Important Tips for Resistance Training-Elite Sports Clubs

We all know it’s important to incorporate resistance training (or free weight training) into our normal exercise routine–or at least you should by now if you have been regularly reading our blog. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of those workouts! Continue reading 7 Important Tips for Resistance Training