Pool Etiquette 101

Over the years that I’ve worked in the aquatics field I’ve been asked more times than I can count about proper pool etiquette. It can be quite confusing for inexperienced swimmers, so much so that many have confessed their avoidance of going near the pool all together! So in an effort to help my fellow swimmers here are a few helpful tips for Elite’s Aquatic Centers. Continue reading Pool Etiquette 101

How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom took you to the playground? You’d leap from the car and make a beeline for the place every kid loved to play…the sandbox.

But as quickly as those wonderful memories of making sandcastles assembles in your mind, you can’t help but think of that one kid that always ruined your beautiful masterpiece. The kid that wouldn’t share the shovel & pail. The kid that would make a mess and leave without cleaning it up. The kid whose lack of sandbox etiquette made your blood boil.

That kid was the absolute worst. Don’t be that kid when you’re playing in the adult sandbox…ahem, gym. Continue reading How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center