Promise and Problems of Genetically Modified Foods

The term “genetically modified organisms” or GMO has become a controversial topic as its benefits for both food producers and consumers are accompanied by potential biomedical and environmental side effects. There has been an increase in the concern by consumers about food products containing GMOs, especially from the short- and long- term health problems which may result from this advanced form of biotechnology.

Complex studies are being carried out throughout the world to study the disadvantages or advantages of genetically modified foods. Let’s just look at some of the most compelling new research and recent technology developments that may affect opinion. Please note, these are only the highlights, and I encourage you to continue to research the topic on your own. Continue reading Promise and Problems of Genetically Modified Foods

The Science Behind Creating A Habit

Are you looking to kick off the year with a new good habit? Maybe you need to ditch some bad ones? Have no fear, Elite (and science!) are here to help.

You see, habits are tough. Some are good, like getting to the the gym once a day. Some are bad…like eating 6 cookies at a time when you go into the office break room. But there are scientific ways to get into the swing of good new habits and break bad ones. Continue reading The Science Behind Creating A Habit

Salt: Friend or Foe?

New York City, as recently as November 30th of 2015, placed a warning symbol on many high salt dishes (higher than 3400 mg sodium) on the menus of its local restaurants. For example, two of the most popular, but salty, menu items were a Cheddar Bacon Burger and a Buffalo Chicken Salad, which respectively had 4280 mg sodium and 3460 mg sodium.

Recommended Salt Intake & Restaurant Transparency

City health authority has warned that Americans eat too much salt and as a result are adding to their health risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. The average person, they state, “should have 2300 mg sodium per day.” By having these standards set in restaurants patrons will have a chance to have the facts necessary to make better decisions about their salt usage. Health department officials feel they have made the right decision to alert the general public; as they await the new federal standards of salt use due out later in 2016. Continue reading Salt: Friend or Foe?

Why Does Music and Exercise Go So Well Together?

What is it about music that makes the workout seem easier? Music and exercise have been going hand in hand for seemingly forever. It’s played at every sporting event, in every exercise class, even used in team practices for rowing to help the team pull together in unison.

Music has a pull on us, it takes over our body and gets us to move, but why? Continue reading Why Does Music and Exercise Go So Well Together?

Everybody Sweats: The Science of Sweat & Why It’s Good for You

Oh yes, everyone sweats!

And while it may suck that on a hot day wearing a grey shirt is not going to happen, sweat is actually a very healthy thing for your body. Continue reading Everybody Sweats: The Science of Sweat & Why It’s Good for You