Food Products to Make the “Healthy Life” More Convenient

Every couple of weeks there are new foods products that are convenient and easy for you to use to help you work towards that healthy life! Take a look at these four items that are definitely worth a try. Continue reading Food Products to Make the “Healthy Life” More Convenient

Your Healthy Snack Isn’t So Healthy

Treating yourself to a nice healthy salad for a snack today? Too bad that ranch dressing has 145 calories per serving and 15 grams of fat. Watch out for items like this “sneaky snack” when you’re working on your weekly meal plan!

This month we have focused on rewarding yourself in a healthy way, but just because something has the connotation of being healthy, doesn’t mean it actually is. So let’s take a look at those sneaky snacks disguised as being healthy. Continue reading Your Healthy Snack Isn’t So Healthy

To Snack or Not to Snack, That is the Question

Are you pro-snack or against snacking all together? The discussion of snacking has gone through many changes over the years. In some years, snacking has been considered a good idea to keep the calorie intake stable.

Other years, it was a point of hesitation because most people got enough good calories and nutrients at meals and experts did not feel that a between meal food was really necessary. Part of this concern was because there was the fear that too much food would be consumed with the snack or “grazing” period, so it was just best to keep it out of any plan. Research around the 1980’s found that people who ate three good meals had a good blood sugar range all day.

So, is it better to eat continuously or to have enough food at one meal that you don’t really need more until the next meal? Continue reading To Snack or Not to Snack, That is the Question

Healthy Desk Snacks for Work

You’re sitting at work and your stomach begins to growl. Those not so healthy chips from the vending machine are calling your name, but you’re on a diet. What are you going to do?

Keeping a healthy snack in your desk is a great option to tackle late afternoon hunger. Keeping snacks in the fridge can also lead to the office bandit stealing your delicious snacks. So here is a little list of guilt free snacks you can keep in your top drawer. Continue reading Healthy Desk Snacks for Work

Pre-Workout Foods: What Should I Eat Before I Hit the Gym?

It’s really tempting to skip the calories, but the food you eat before you exercise fuels your workout and maximizes your efforts and results. If you eat correctly you’ll be able to work out harder! Eating before a workout also prevents low blood sugar, which can cause lightheadedness and fatigue while you’re active. That being said, resist the urge for the triple mocha latte, or a piece of cold pizza before you head to the gym!

There are some great choices to get you off on the right foot nutritionally and you can sneak them in an hour before you start your class or gym workout. Continue reading Pre-Workout Foods: What Should I Eat Before I Hit the Gym?