Support Your Healthy Lifestyle Change with Recreational Activities

We’re not in the fitness industry as much as we are in the “lifestyle” industry. While I have worked at over a half a dozen very different health clubs, the biggest thing I have noticed is that the key to long term success is creating daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habits that last beyond the times you just don’t “feel like working out.” Continue reading Support Your Healthy Lifestyle Change with Recreational Activities

5 Things to Know Before You Start Playing Tennis

Want to start playing one of the greatest lifetime sports out there, Tennis?! Well before you get started, here’s a few things you should know to help get you on your way. So, before you start playing tennis, read these 5 tips: Continue reading 5 Things to Know Before You Start Playing Tennis

When Mind Over Matter Becomes Dangerous

Picture this, you’re at your top physical game. You’ve just started your freshmen year of college as a Division I swimmer. You’re excited to represent your school and crank out an amazing year.

But about a month into your season, you begin to experience back pain. You chalk it up to harder practices, increased muscle, and great stress on your body so you push through. Pain is weakness leaving the body right? You wrap up your year with best times and an easy spot on the Conference Championship team.

Welcome back sophomore year! Hard practices yes, the drive to perform well yes, back pain…yes. And it’s worse. But you’re not a newbie anymore, you have to keep your varsity spot on the team so you continue on as normal.  You wrap up the year with little improvement, barely make the Conference Championship team and more pain. Continue reading When Mind Over Matter Becomes Dangerous

Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling

One of the fitness trends that has been growing in popularity over the past handful of years is foam rolling. You see foam rollers in stores and see people using them at the gym, but why? What are they for and how exactly would one go about using them? Without going too deep into the science behind it, I’m going to break down what foam rolling is and why you should consider adding it to your current fitness routine. Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling

Play Every Day for a Healthier You & Your Family

Remember when you were a kid, how carefree you were, and perhaps your only worries were whether you’d make the team for a game of kickball, baseball or whatever game your friends and schoolmates were playing? You certainly didn’t think about paying the mortgage or high property taxes, or if you should have the house painted this year or next. Play was the thing. It was fun and absorbed your energies until it was time to go home for dinner, or later on, to do your homework. Play was good for you, whatever it was, and whatever the time of year. Ice skating, sledding and perhaps skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, or even when you were a toddler making castles in the sand, or swinging as far out as you could, and sliding down the slide front ways and backwards. Playing was your only job then. You were a kid, you didn’t have any more responsibilities other than playing when you were very young, and as you got older, helping with some simple chores at home. Continue reading Play Every Day for a Healthier You & Your Family