Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Eric Wahl is a group exercise instructor and personal trainer out of our Brookfield location. Learn a bit more about him, his favorite parts of teaching fitness, and his favorite exercises.  Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Instructor Highlight: Taylor Thompson

We’d love for you to meet Taylor Thompson, a group exercise instructor, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer at our Elite Sports Club – Brookfield location. Keep reading to get to know her a little better and learn how she got started in health and fitness. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Taylor Thompson

How I Unexpectedly Gained Weight During a Weight Loss Challenge

It seems like it has been a while since The Wellness & Lifestyle Challenge. Yet, it has really only been a few months. We are hoping that the information you received from the Elite staff was helpful and continued on through these spring months.

For myself, your Dietitian of 30 years, I have done some learning of my own. I don’t often talk about things I personally experience as a consumer of wellness planning myself. But today I feel it’s important I share this experience with you. Continue reading How I Unexpectedly Gained Weight During a Weight Loss Challenge

Instructor Highlight: Sarah Sullivan

Some of you may know Sarah Sullivan as the Aquatics Director at our Elite Sports Club – River Glen location. She’s actively involved in the maintenance and scheduling of the indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, and manages all of our lifeguards and swim lessons at that location. Somehow between all of that, she also finds the time to teach some of our aquatic group exercise classes as well! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Sarah Sullivan

Get to Know Michael Ruch of FitFoodMKE Meal Services

Elite Sports Clubs works closely with FitFoodMKE to provide our members healthy and convenient meal options. We sat down to talk with Michael Ruch, the owner and head chef of FitFoodMKE, about how he got started in the pre-made meal services industry.  Continue reading Get to Know Michael Ruch of FitFoodMKE Meal Services