Staff Highlight: Sarah Brunner

We are pleased to have you meet our new Registered Dietitian, Sarah Brunner. Sarah recently graduated from the Coordinated Program at Mount Mary University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
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Instructor Highlight: Debbie Novak

We’re big fans of Debbie Novak over here at Elite Sports Club – West Brookfield. Not only is she an awesome group exercise instructor, but she’s also our Youth & Playroom Director! Here’s just a bit about Debbie and her work as an instructor, and we encourage you to try one of her classes or stop by and visit her in the playroom. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Debbie Novak

Instructor Highlight: Jane Zien

Here’s another Elite instructor who you should definitely get to know (and try her classes!)¬†Meet Jane Zien¬†from Elite Sports Club – River Glen. Although she also teaches at Elite Sports Club – Mequon too! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Jane Zien

Instructor Highlight: Laura Wilkins

We’re often told that it’s the people of Elite that make the clubs so great. Part of what makes the Elite Clubs stand out from the rest is not the equipment, courts, pools, or locker rooms; but rather the community it fosters. Obviously nothing can compare to coming in and experiencing that for yourself, nevertheless we’d still like to use this platform to at least share a bit about some of the members and staff of Elite Sports Clubs. Today we’re highlighting Laura Wilkins of Elite Sports Club – Brookfield. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Laura Wilkins

Elite Instructor Highlight: Jill Jelinski

We’d like to introduce Jill Jelinski for those of you who don’t already know her. She’s an instructor over at Elite Sports Club – West Brookfield and has been teaching group exercise classes for 30 years!! And 29 of those years have been at Elite! Continue reading Elite Instructor Highlight: Jill Jelinski