How to Effectively Train Your Triceps

When most people think of arm strength, they think of biceps. However, targeting your triceps muscles is equally important. Understanding the anatomy of these muscles will help you train your triceps effectively. Learn how to target each head of the Triceps Brachii so you can hit your next arm day with the tools to build upper body size and strength. Continue reading How to Effectively Train Your Triceps

Your Guide on Functional Exercise and Functional Strength

The fitness industry is so full of buzz words that it can get overwhelming at times. Fascia, SMR, functional exercise, functional strength, body weight training, HIIT…it’s dizzying how the industry can make basic movement sound so complicated. It’s impossible to thoroughly explain all of them at once, so we’ll start with two related terms. Let’s unpack the terms ‘functional strength’ and ‘functional exercise’ and explore what they all entail. Continue reading Your Guide on Functional Exercise and Functional Strength

Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

Matthew Bishop is a certified personal trainer who recently joined the Elite family. Not only does Matthew have an enthusiastic personality, he is a dedicated trainer and will make sure you stay motivated in order to achieve success. Learn more about his personal philosophy, experiences, and outlook on fitness training! Continue reading Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

Movement Patterns for Strength Training

Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder or want to improve overall fitness, there are six basic movement patterns we all use that makes understanding strength training simple. It is these foundational movement patterns that are the backbone to all strength exercises. Continue reading Movement Patterns for Strength Training

Why Do Water Aerobics?

There are many stereotypes regarding water aerobics classes. Many assume this particular type of class is really meant for seniors. Others would prefer to just swim laps in the pool. Then there’s the majority of the population who never step foot in the pool unless it involves a floatie and a cool beverage, or just to goof around with the kids. But, you shouldn’t totally write off water aerobics, and here’s why. Continue reading Why Do Water Aerobics?