Instructor Highlight: Marla Primack

Many of you probably already know Marla Primack, one of our instructors at Elite Sports Club – River Glen. She has great energy and brings a lot of fun to our complimentary group exercise classes offered every week. For those of you who don’t already know her, or just want to know a little more about her, keep reading! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Marla Primack

6 Exercises for Stronger Triceps

The triceps is a muscle located on the back of your upper arm, and is responsible for extension. Along with the biceps brachii, it is responsible for powerful arm movements. Below, you will find 6 exercises for strengthening and toning that muscle. For us gals, that means less “arm dangles” and flapping, and a more tight and toned appearance! For all of us, it means a stronger and more powerful upper body that functions well. Continue reading 6 Exercises for Stronger Triceps

Yin and Yang: The Power of Yoga

It is amazing that a 5000 year old tradition has become such a popular way of life today. The power of yoga lies in its simplicity, flexibility, and diversity. The benefits range from inner peace, to increased overall fitness, to healing aches and pains. Many people think that yoga is “just stretching”. While stretching is certainly involved, the practice is really about creating balance in the body—developing both strength as well as flexibility. Yoga is also known for uniting mind, body, and spirit. Anyone can start a yoga practice, I say if you can breathe you can do yoga! Continue reading Yin and Yang: The Power of Yoga

Instructor Highlight: Maggie Zoeller

Maggie Zoeller is a relatively new instructor here at Elite Sports Clubs, but she’s no fitness novice! Fun fact, Maggie is also a Milwaukee Bucks Dancer. Here’s your chance to get to know her a little better and learn about her health and fitness philosophy. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Maggie Zoeller