Understanding Glycemic Index

The term glycemic index may not sound like something you would use on a daily basis, but it is fairly simple in concept. It is a measure of the blood sugar in your body after eating a food that contains carbohydrates. Over the years, people have continued to try to control their blood sugar by counting their carbs in this way, but primarily in an effort to have control over their energy levels and to maintain more lasting quality from meals. Continue reading Understanding Glycemic Index

Do You Have the Blood Sugar Blues?

A well-known 1950’s actress by the name of Gloria Swanson contributed to a book titled “Sugar Blues” written by William Dufty. The opening chapter depicts Swanson’s struggle with sugar and how she would experience a “crash” within 20-30 minutes of consuming it. She described how she’d experience a tremendous drop in her blood sugar, which she coined as the “Sugar Blues.” Later her doctor figured out that Swanson regularly consumed large doses of sugary type foods, including soda, before she went on stage. Continue reading Do You Have the Blood Sugar Blues?

New Recommendation Regarding Sugar Intake

It should not really be surprising that a dietary recommendation has come along to help us with a possible need to cut back on sugar. For years the USDA has been saying that the sugar in our diet was an important ingredient, but that because it did not contain any real “nutrition” it was not going to be regulated. But times have changed—and for many good reasons! Continue reading New Recommendation Regarding Sugar Intake

A Guide to Choosing Healthier Condiments

Most of the time we think primarily about the meat entrée we are going to serve for dinner, and not about the condiments we are going to serve with it. Today, we have many different choices to suit anyone’s palate, but what about all those added ingredients in condiments? For example, there are a variety of various ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise products, and pickle relishes.Have you ever taken a good look at the label of ingredients and found out what you are really eating? Continue reading A Guide to Choosing Healthier Condiments