How to Have a Worry-Free Vacation

Recently on a morning news show, the hosts reported on what they would do and not do on vacation. Not surprisingly, many of the group stated that they would do “as little as possible.” Next, they said, “all fun, no healthy food, and no exercise!” As much as it was understandable, these TV personalities were essentially advocating for doing absolutely nothing to a large group of viewers. Of course, we can say that it was all in good fun and designed to bring a human aspect to the show, but it did make me wonder what we actually do plan to do on vacation! Continue reading How to Have a Worry-Free Vacation

A Healthy Take on Summer Drinks

If you’re looking to watch your calorie intake this summer, make sure you’re paying attention to your summer drinks too! In particular, the calories in alcoholic drinks often enjoyed in the hot summer months can have a ton of “hidden empty calories”. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy yourself armed with the facts about summer drinks! Continue reading A Healthy Take on Summer Drinks

Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe

This homemade watermelon mint salad is super refreshing and perfect for the summer. Its wonderful bouquet of flavors and tastes will be great at your next outing with family and friends. You can even try using fresh mint from your own garden! Continue reading Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe

30 Songs to Get You Moving This Summer

Music and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, or whichever other analogy you prefer. But why is music empowering and why does it make us keep moving? It is an empowering medium which can evoke a set of emotions unlike anything else — the rush of endorphins penetrating your central nervous system, giving you that “runner’s high”. Analogously, the release of dopamine when listening to music you like. These situations motivate us to power through our workout routines. Having trouble finding motivating music? Here are thirty songs to get you moving and motivated this summer.  Continue reading 30 Songs to Get You Moving This Summer

Avoiding Dehydration in the Summer Heat

Summertime brings hot temperatures as well as many outdoor activities. With that being said, it is important to stay properly hydrated and know the signs of dehydration. Drinking the right amount of fluids is always important, especially in warm weather, to keep the body from overheating. Continue reading Avoiding Dehydration in the Summer Heat