8 Tips for Making Positive Change in Your Life

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us are consistently trying to foster positive change in our lives. We all have some sort of goal and want to be successful at something. I recently shared these 8 tips when I was invited to speak on a panel at an event. These are just a few things I’ve learned over the years as I’ve tried to make changes and work towards goals in my own life. Continue reading 8 Tips for Making Positive Change in Your Life

Making Lifestyle Changes That Last

The beginning of the new year marks the time that many folks decide to eat better and make healthy lifestyle changes. You’re feeling motivated to start fresh, the days are slowly getting longer, and the promise of spring is on the horizon. But how do you make those resolutions into lasting change? Continue reading Making Lifestyle Changes That Last

10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Isn’t it sad how much time we spend putting ourselves down? Our negative thoughts about ourselves can bleed into all aspects of our lives, creating the environment for being less successful, less happy, and less satisfied. So below, I’ve listed 10 ways you can feel better about yourself, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading 10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

How Being “Selfish” Has Made Me a Better Mother

Today marks 6 years, 4 months and 28 days of me being a Mom. Nevertheless, although I’ve spent 35 years, 8 months, and 5 days on this earth growing, evolving and developing my identity up to this point; when I stop and reflect on who I am as an individual—which let’s be real, is usually somewhere between 2:00-3:30am after making my grocery list and before worrying about things that probably won’t matter three days from now—the type of Mother I am is usually the first that comes to mind. Am I overprotective? Too lenient? Not flexible enough? Uninvolved? The list goes on…. Continue reading How Being “Selfish” Has Made Me a Better Mother

30 Things I Love About Elite

Nearly 2 years ago, I took my first steps into Elite North Shore as a member. As a Passport Member, I’ve had the chance to visit all of the Elite Clubs. I’ve come to find that each one has their own “personality”  that make them unique, and together, Elite becomes this wonderful community where staff, instructors, and members work together to make positive experiences, and achieve goals!

In just a couple of years,  I have become stronger, healthier and even a happier person. While fitness was a big part of this, it is the people that I have met and worked with that make Elite so great! So, in celebration of Elite turning 30, I’ve made a list of my 30 favorite things about Elite! Continue reading 30 Things I Love About Elite