Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

Are you or your child getting the most out of your swim lessons? Are they progressing as quickly as you’d like? Are they getting enough attention and swim time? These issues can be discouraging for both swimmers and parents. Private swim lessons can solve those problems, and many more.  Here are some benefits to consider when deciding between group and private swim lessons. Continue reading Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

Benefits of Aquatic Personal Training

Aquatic personal training is becoming very popular as a way of training with lower impact to the joints, yet offering the high intensity of cross-training.  Professional athletes use aquatic training for conditioning, doctors recommend it for injury rehabilitation, and many use it as their primary form of exercise just because it’s enjoyable. Let’s look at the numerous benefits of aquatic personal training and who might get the most out of it.

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What is the Best Form of Exercise?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing the exercises that I do?” The best form of exercise is the one that will accomplish your fitness goals in a timely manner without injury. With so many exercises from which to choose, it’s difficult to determine the “best” one. Of course, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at five common cardiovascular exercises and see which one is the best form of exercise.

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Pool Toys Could Help Your Child Learn to Swim

Have you ever wondered what the rings, barbells, kickboards, and/or pool toys are used for during your child’s swimming lesson? The following toys and equipment can be used to help increase your child’s swim performance in all levels as they learn to swim! Continue reading Pool Toys Could Help Your Child Learn to Swim

Elite Swim Lesson FAQs

Elite Sports Clubs offers a variety of swim lessons for all ages, which are available to members only. Our swim program offers parent-child classes as well as group levels 1-4 where beginners start by learning breath control, safety skills, and the crawl; to our more advanced classes where they practice lap swimming with flip turns and refine all the strokes. Adult lessons are also available from “I want to learn how to swim” to refining your strokes. Before registering your child, you may want to check out these Elite Swim Lesson FAQs. Continue reading Elite Swim Lesson FAQs