Gave Your All On The Tennis Court? It’s Time to “Treat Yo’ Self!”

Playing tennis is a great way to work every inch of your body (plus, it’s pretty fun). Jumping, cutting, smashing, and twisting; playing tennis is a great way to work every inch of your body (and did we mention… it’s also pretty fun). It’s a game that requires strength, power, flexibility, speed, and agility.

How can you become a lean, mean, bright green tennis machine? (Watch out Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams!) We’ve put together a few important things for you to remember if you want to reap the benefits on the court, and there is only one phrase you need to remember… say it with us now… “Treat yo’ self!”

 1. Massages. Why? Because it feels pretty darn AMAZING. Those 30-minute (or even 60-minutes!) sessions aren’t just for people who love to be pampered. Their advantages reach far beyond that with benefits that include: augmenting flexibility, dilating the blood vessels, improving circulation and flushing-out toxins that can cause muscle swelling and soreness. And, hey, if Wimbledon winner Andy Murray can do it, why can’t you?

2. Physical Therapy. Fact of life: injuries happen. Yes, even for a fine physical specimen such as yourself. Whether a sprain, strain, tear, separation, rupture or an ailment ending in “-itis”, it’s important to take proper steps on the road to recovery. Physical therapists are a necessary tool for evaluation, treatment and education (and since we like you so much, Elite members are entitled to a FREE injury assessment at our S.M.A.R.T. clinics!).

3. Nutrition. Food fuels your body (we know, you’re thinking “thank you Captain Obvious!”). After all that court time you put in, your body’s energy gauge is probably hovering near empty. Pre-, during- and post-match nutrition is critical to your performance as a tennis player–or any athlete for that matter. As tempting as fad diets and theories on sports nutrition may sound, you may consider consulting a dietitian (like Elite’s own Rita Larsen) to learn how to fuel your body, lose weight and healthy eating.

To learn more about the most extensive tennis program in Wisconsin (hint: it’s at Elite Sports Clubs) click here. And for more ways to “Treat yo’ self” visit our website.

What ways do you “Treat yo’ self” after a day on the court? Tell us in the comments!

Recreational Sports: The forgotten cardio workout

Can recreational sports be a supplementary part of your cardio workouts? I seem to be asking myself this question on a regular basis as I try to decide whether clients, and myself, should only participate in a workout designed for the fitness center. Would playing basketball three days a week be a good replacement for running on the treadmill?

As a sports junkie it is hard for me to continually run on a treadmill because it gets very monotonous with no chance of any of the conditions changing as I keep pounding away on that belt on the treadmill. Wouldn’t one rather take part in a sport during which the conditions constantly change, and still get the needed workout for your goals?

I am definitely an enthusiast for recreational sports as a part of your workout. It keeps one coming to the gym because they never know what will happen in a game of volleyball, basketball or even soccer at the club. Running on a treadmill or even using an elliptical would be great workouts as well, but as a “sports person” I can’t bring myself to participate in these activities on a regular basis.

If you are an individual that has been a sports enthusiast for much of your life it would make sense that you have trouble transitioning your workouts into a fitness center as you bypass your high school, and collegiate days on the courts. A typical fitness center or health club in general isn’t designed well for a former competitive athlete because everyone is there doing their own individual workouts. As athletes we are used to being a part of team workouts, or even competitions that bring us all closer together.

The best way we can get that feeling from our clubs is by participating in the recreational sports that our respective club may offer or even a group exercise class. For Elite Sports Clubs this could range all the way in the spectrum of sports from swimming, tennis, basketball, and volleyball to even indoor soccer in one of our Milwaukee Wave clinics. If one is used to the competitive spirit of sports then these recreational sports can at least help you offset your desire for competition. It is also a great way to get a workout in if you are an individual who only worked out because of sports in high school or college.

Men playing basketball photo

Playing basketball for an hour is an aerobic activity that can easily help offset running on a treadmill or using an elliptical machine. So, if you are someone who is looking for workouts that will not only challenge you physically, but also mentally then my club, Elite Sports Clubs, like many others offer opportunities to compete against others in a recreational sport of your choice.

Do you prefer machines for cardio or recreational sports? Does your health club offer recreational sports? How do you change up your treadmill runs, stationary bike rides or elliptical workouts to keep it new? Please share your comments.

Plus check out the recreational sports offered at Elite Sports Clubs.

Thank you,

Kyle Krogmann
Personal Trainer
Elite Sports Club-Mequon