6 Tips for Swim Breathing

There’s so much to think about while swimming. To some it comes naturally, to others it takes hours of practice and instruction. In any case, learning a few new tips here and there is always helpful for new and experienced swimmers alike. Here’s some pointers to help you improve your swim breathing technique. Continue reading 6 Tips for Swim Breathing

10 Tips for a Triathlon

By Jessica Heller, Aquatics Director at Elite Sports Club-Mequon

People everywhere are becoming triathletes, for a variety of reasons: enhanced self-esteem, an end goal to make exercise and fitness more worthwhile, feelings of accomplishment, and group camaraderie. Because of the three-sport format, there are often three times as many questions and three times as much advice on the “best” ways to do one. Below are a few tips sure to help both seasoned and novice triathletes embrace the multi-sport lifestyle. Continue reading 10 Tips for a Triathlon