Roundup of Local Summer Races

With so many local summer races in the area, how do you choose just one? Well, the way we look at it, there’s no need to limit yourself! There are so many different reasons to participate in summer races; reasons that benefit you, and reasons that benefit others. Continue reading Roundup of Local Summer Races

Brick Workout Training for Triathletes

Have you ever heard someone refer to a brick workout? Not sure what exactly that means, or how to start incorporating it into your triathlon training? Well here’s some background on the brick workout and how to work it into your routine. Continue reading Brick Workout Training for Triathletes

Kayak Exercises and Indoor Training

I recently learned of a new type of triathlon that incorporates kayaking in place of the typical swim portion. With this new type of race comes different challenges and varied training. Here a few tips for training for this race and some good kayak exercises in general. Continue reading Kayak Exercises and Indoor Training

Triathlon Swim Training

I recently hosted a Triathlon Swim workshop for our members at our Elite Sports Club – River Glen location and this summer I will be partnering with a few Elite Personal Trainers to offer a full-scale Triathlon Training program. Until then, let’s just focus on the swimming part. Often this can be the most intimidating part for newbies and seasoned racers alike. There’s just something about swimming (especially in open water) that tends to freak people out. But, you know the best way to alleviate those fears? PREPARATION & PRACTICE! Continue reading Triathlon Swim Training

Pre and Post Race Nutrition Tips

Without a doubt, what you eat and when you eat affects your athletic and race performance. A wisely selected sports diet can help you be stronger, train harder, and compete better. Use the following sports nutrition tips to help optimize your performance. Continue reading Pre and Post Race Nutrition Tips