Starter Swim Tips for Adult Beginners

As Wisconsinites we are very fortunate to have so many aquatic facilities at our disposal. Whether it’s one of the beautiful saltwater pools at one of the Elite Clubs, a private or recreational pool, or one of our many local lakes and beaches, the options are nearly endless. Swimming and other aquatic sports offer a wide range of health benefits and are extremely beneficial for those who are aging or recovering from injury. It truly is a lifelong source for health and wellness. However, many adults are not able to utilize the water because they simply don’t know how to swim.

Often times when people don’t learn how to swim at an early age, they become uncomfortable and even afraid of the water and avoid it at all costs. As an aquatic professional, this is heartbreaking, but can be overcome. Here are a few swim tips and things to keep in mind if you are looking to get wet! Continue reading Starter Swim Tips for Adult Beginners

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Fitness Routine

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you truly need to love your fitness routine. So many times we find motivation and have good intentions, yet a few weeks or months in all efforts go amiss. Why does this happen to so many of us? It’s easy to put everything else in life ahead of ourselves. When we aren’t loving exercising, we accept every excuse in the book to forego what we need. However, if you flip the situation to when you LOVE exercising, you’re more likely to put it first and manage everything else around it.

Continue reading 5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Fitness Routine

10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Isn’t it sad how much time we spend putting ourselves down? Our negative thoughts about ourselves can bleed into all aspects of our lives, creating the environment for being less successful, less happy, and less satisfied. So below, I’ve listed 10 ways you can feel better about yourself, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading 10 Quick Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Stocking Your Kitchen for Quick and Healthy Meals

Most of us don’t want to be spending all day in the kitchen preparing food for our families. Nevertheless, we want homemade meals that taste good and are healthy. In my house it starts with, “what would you like for breakfast?” at which point we begin searching the cereal drawer, the fruit basket, and refrigerator to see if it is going to be a quick breakfast, or more preferably an egg, toast, and grapefruit type of day. That’s our favorite but there’s not always time for it. Does this sound like your house or do family members just find what they can and run out the door? The real question is, “what’s in your kitchen for quick and available meals?” Continue reading Stocking Your Kitchen for Quick and Healthy Meals

You Need the Right Kind of Treat

You work hard, you need to “treat yo’ self.”

Now don’t run and grab an ice cream cone. That is just going to throw a wrench into everything you worked so hard for. When you treat yo’ self, you need to make sure you treat yo’ self right. Continue reading You Need the Right Kind of Treat