Easy Vegetable Bow Tie Pasta Salad Recipe

A delicious and easy vegetable combination for summer meals! This simple vegetable bow tie pasta salad recipe is a great way to incorporate your daily servings of veggies right into your main dish. I also love using the bow ties pasta as it is not only great looking but also holds up well. Continue reading Easy Vegetable Bow Tie Pasta Salad Recipe

Edamame Salad Recipe

This is a new age food full of great taste and good nutrition. Edamame is actual soybeans that have been roasted, cooked, shelled, and frozen. They have a crunchy taste and will supply you with a delightful salad texture. They are another great form of vegetable protein. Continue reading Edamame Salad Recipe

Barbecued Tofu in a Bun Recipe

Tofu picks up the remarkable taste of this barbecued sandwich mixture. It’s very good on rice as well. As a chief form of vegetable based protein, this soy-based Barbecued Tofu recipe is one to keep in mind on those “meat-less” days. Continue reading Barbecued Tofu in a Bun Recipe

Quick Guide to Soy Products

In the United States, soy products are becoming very popular as sources of vegetable protein and they come in many different forms and tastes. One of the benefits of soybeans is the quality of the protein and the different forms it can come in. Looking in the grocery stores today we are able to see a much bigger presence of soy products readily available, for example, all the different flavors of soy milk products, edamame in the produce or freezer section, and tofu fresh in the produce section as “firm” or “hard”, as well as frozen soy burgers. Continue reading Quick Guide to Soy Products

Vegetable Quesadillas Recipe

This Vegetable Quesadillas recipe is delicious and full of wonderful fresh vegetables that you will enjoy while managing to meet all of your nutritional needs!

Many of us struggle to get in our daily recommended vegetables. Maybe you’re not a fan of veggies all together, or maybe you’re just intimidated by cooking them (especially over-cooking them — yuck!) Well give this simple vegetable quesadilla recipe a shot next time you’re in need of an easy meal packed full of a variety of tasty vegetables. Continue reading Vegetable Quesadillas Recipe