Member Stories: Julie Anderson Competes in World Masters Swimming

Stronger Together: With Support from “Team,” Member Works Toward World Masters Swimming Competition

Just because the weather is getting cooler outside, doesn’t mean that swimming season is over! Check out this article featuring Elite Sports Clubs member, Julie Anderson for a little indoor season swimming inspiration. Her story about her quick rise to competing at worlds in masters swimming is all the motivation we need to get into the pool this winter!

Over thirty years ago Julie Anderson was a high school state swimmer and an All American collegiate swimmer on a national championship team. Once she graduated, she thought that chapter in her life was over. She became a nurse, got married, had kids, and tried to get back into swimming, but never felt quite the same passion for it. That is, until about two years ago when the timing, the circumstances, and maybe even the stars seemed to align just right and Julie found herself on a whirlwind journey that took her all the way to the FINA World Masters competition in Montréal. Continue reading Member Stories: Julie Anderson Competes in World Masters Swimming

5 Benefits of Exercising in Water

Using pools and water as a means of exercising can be very beneficial to your body and your workout routine. You can use your time in the pool doing laps, or even water aerobics. What? Water aerobics? No, it’s not just for “old” people, but for anyone looking for a new challenge and a great way to cross train. We’ll get into that later, but first let’s start with the benefits of water. Continue reading 5 Benefits of Exercising in Water