Avoiding Dehydration in the Summer Heat

Summertime brings hot temperatures as well as many outdoor activities. With that being said, it is important to stay properly hydrated and know the signs of dehydration. Drinking the right amount of fluids is always important, especially in warm weather, to keep the body from overheating. Continue reading Avoiding Dehydration in the Summer Heat

Starter Swim Tips for Adult Beginners

As Wisconsinites we are very fortunate to have so many aquatic facilities at our disposal. Whether it’s one of the beautiful saltwater pools at one of the Elite Clubs, a private or recreational pool, or one of our many local lakes and beaches, the options are nearly endless. Swimming and other aquatic sports offer a wide range of health benefits and are extremely beneficial for those who are aging or recovering from injury. It truly is a lifelong source for health and wellness. However, many adults are not able to utilize the water because they simply don’t know how to swim.

Often times when people don’t learn how to swim at an early age, they become uncomfortable and even afraid of the water and avoid it at all costs. As an aquatic professional, this is heartbreaking, but can be overcome. Here are a few swim tips and things to keep in mind if you are looking to get wet! Continue reading Starter Swim Tips for Adult Beginners

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water

Finding out if you get enough water and why is it important, are the two most compelling questions that surround the issue of fluid intake. Most scientists say that men can average about 15 cups of fluids per day especially in the summer, while women can average about 11 cups. Much of this calculation has to do with the temperature outside and if you are doing your workout outdoors. In this post we’ll discuss how much water you actually need and when, how it relates to weight loss, and some info on water bottles. Continue reading Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water

6 Food Rules to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution Going

By Jason Liegl, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-Mequon

It seems that a majority of people cannot agree on anything; tastes great or less filling, original Star Wars or digitally enhanced, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hager, etc. But the one thing they can agree on is a great majority of New Years resolutions deal with weight loss. Turn on the TV and you will be bombarded by what seems to be hundreds of infomercials and Dr. Oz episodes about weight loss. They will range from slightly different approach to weight loss (eat 3x daily or 6x daily) to widely different approach (cabbage soup or grapefruit diets come to mind). It all makes things incredibly confusing, when the fact is we should be simplifying the process for people. Continue reading 6 Food Rules to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution Going

Poolside Fun this Summer at Elite Sports Clubs

The summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the sun, fresh air, and especially swimming! Fox 6 Wake Up host, Laura Langemo stopped by our Elite Sports Club-Mequon location last week to talk to some of our staff about pool safety, outdoor boot camp, aqua therapy, and healthy grilling. Continue reading Poolside Fun this Summer at Elite Sports Clubs