Beginners Guide to Getting Fit and Healthy

Today’s the day, you tell yourself. Today’s the day that you are going to commit to getting fit and healthy. But there’s just one teensy, tiny problem: You don’t quite know HOW to become fit and healthy.

No worries, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. We’ll start you off with a few pointers on how to get fit and why it’s important to be healthy. Bonus: We are here to help along the way, and if we don’t say so ourselves, we’re a pretty darn good support system.

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Why Consistent Workouts are Key

Are you working hard, yet still left feeling like your workout just isn’t working? There’s a key to fitness that sometimes gets overlooked; consistency. With any fitness plan it is important to realize that consistent workouts maximize results. Continue reading Why Consistent Workouts are Key

What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Workout Rut

If you ever have those days, weeks, or even months where you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your fitness routine, you might be in a workout rut. You catch yourself watching the clock more than usual during your workout, and you’re cutting it short because said clock is torturing you. You get yourself to the gym, but your mind isn’t there; you’re simply going through the motions. You feel like you’re working hard, but you’re not making any gains on your goals. You’re ridiculously bored when you’re at the gym. Those are all definite signs that point to being stuck in a workout rut. Here’s a few tips on what you can do to get out of that rut and back to loving your workout routine and making gains.

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Lazy Day Workout Backup Plan

Everyone has those days. You know the kind. Days where you want to be motivated, but you simply can’t find it in you. Whether it be from stress, having too much on your plate, or plain old lack of motivation, some days are just tougher than others. You have good intentions, but the thought of getting yourself to the gym seems unfathomable. But maybe, just maybe, if you had a workout backup plan in place, you’d be able to talk yourself into doing SOMETHING. That way, instead of missing a workout completely, you could do a bit of exercise at home in an effort to keep yourself on track toward your fitness goals.

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Diet Plans and Fitness Plans Must Go Hand-in-Hand

Every year I think back about the efforts that so many club members make in order to compete in the Team Weight Loss Challenge and other programs designed for improved fitness, diet and overall health. The Elite Sports Clubs are fitness facilities, therefore it’s easy to see that most people will look at their time here as primarily fitness-focused, and rightly so. No real study has been done that details what experience new members have had before coming to the clubs, but it would be safe to say that the majority have had good experiences with fitness and want to continue, to learn more and to be even more fit.

But, if you have not kept up with your fitness or diet plans in the past, then you may easily want to do both. It is really important to understand what you can do for a good nutrition plan to compliment fitness; and secondly, if you are looking for weight loss how to accomplish that too. Continue reading Diet Plans and Fitness Plans Must Go Hand-in-Hand