Are You Up for a March Madness Fitness Challenge?


Let the madness of March begin! You’ve spent hours laboring over your bracket until it was filled with absolute NCAA basketball perfection. Your living room has been transformed into your personal March Madness command center, you’re ready to do some bball power watching right?

Now, what if, instead of spending the next 2.5 weeks glued to your super comfy March Madness commander’s chair, you made it into a bit of a fitness game? Huh? Before you roll your eyes and mutter your disapproval of that idea to your computer screen (or mobile device), read the idea out. Continue reading Are You Up for a March Madness Fitness Challenge?

What is “Core” Training?

By Paul Alexander, Elite Sports Club-North Shore Personal Training Director

What is Core Training-Elite Sports Clubs

One of today’s fitness buzzwords is “Core training.” If you walk into any health club or fitness center, the talk isn’t about “abs” anymore; it’s all about the “core.” What is your core and why the philosophical switch in thinking? Continue reading What is “Core” Training?

Why Warm Up? Benefits of a Proper Warm-up

Why Warm Up-Elite Sports Clubs

By Jason Liegl, Elite Sports Club-Mequon Fitness Specialist

We have all had those days when we are running slightly behind and when we get into the gym we skip over our warm-up to save time. However, this is a BIG mistake. Incorporating a good warm up will help you get a better workout and can actually become a part of your workout. Continue reading Why Warm Up? Benefits of a Proper Warm-up

Workout Wednesday: Don’t Forget to Limber-up!

Limber Up Warm Up Elite Sports Clubs

Many of us tend to forget the importance of regularly warming up before our workouts. Now, that warm up may vary from person to person, or workout to workout, but the point being, it should always be the first step you take before you even think of jumping into those Tabata sprints or that heavy lifting session. In this post, we’d even like to encourage you to limber up before you head out on your Black Friday or Small Business Saturday shopping sprees. Continue reading Workout Wednesday: Don’t Forget to Limber-up!


By Annie Farley, Elite Sports Club-Mequon Group Exercise Director & Trainer

Ladies…  put down those teeny dumbbells you found stacked in the corner at the gym and confidently march over to the heavier weights. Do not fear those iron barbells and dumbbells – I promise they will not bite!  Do not shy away from the squat rack – it’s not nearly as intimidating as it looks. Do not fear the sweaty, muscle-bound dudes that strut around you – they may look tough, but they’re not going to judge you.   In fact, they’re more likely to admire you for ditching the elliptical machines to join them on the other side of the room! Continue reading WHY DO WE FEAR THE GYM?