Staff Highlight: Carrie Bendrock

Carrie Bendrock has worked at quite a few of the Elite Sports Clubs locations and in a few roles. (Seems to be a trend around here, doesn’t it? What can we say, we’re multi-talented here at Elite!) Right now Carrie is rocking a position in membership services at Elite Sports Club-North Shore and is also the Playroom Director. Here’s your chance to get to know a little bit about her! Continue reading Staff Highlight: Carrie Bendrock

Adaptive Aquatics, Swimming for Everyone!

One of the highlights of our jobs as swim instructors is being able to work with students with different abilities. Swimming is a great physical outlet and life-saving skill for anyone, but for those with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges, it is even more important.

Many times, these children and adults are naturally drawn to water, and swimming can aid in both their safety as well as their physical health, coordination, social interaction, and self-esteem. Swimming can help teach individuals with a number of developmental issues, including autism spectrum disorder, motor planning challenges, auditory processing problems, and attention deficit disorders. It also aids orthopedic, neurological, and congenital issues, such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Down syndrome. Continue reading Adaptive Aquatics, Swimming for Everyone!

Navigating Your 30s: The Silent Awkward Stage and How to Find Balance

“Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.” -Georges Clemenceau

When we think of growing up, and the many awkward moments that accompany us for years, adolescence often comes to mind.  The bad hair, breakouts, growth spurts….We’re told to hang in there.  It will pass.  But there’s one stage that no one warned me about.  One that for me, came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks; arguably harder than puberty—my 30s. Continue reading Navigating Your 30s: The Silent Awkward Stage and How to Find Balance

Surviving the Play Date : A How-to for More Fun and Less Stress

The other day, I was getting ready for my son’s first play date.  You would have thought I was hosting a wedding.  I cleaned the house like I’ve never cleaned before, purchased gourmet coffee, baked Paleo muffins and woke up a half hour early to curl my hair.  Yes, I really did that.  Before heading out the door to work, my husband stopped to ask if the play date was for Blake, or for me?  He had a point.  Blake isn’t even a year old.  He can’t talk.  He’s barely even crawling.  So, why the gourmet coffee?  Maybe it’s because I enjoy hosting company, and I do.  But deep down, I also feel since Blake is not yet capable of making a proper first impression, it’s my job to do so on his behalf.  Continue reading Surviving the Play Date : A How-to for More Fun and Less Stress