Trainer Highlight: Alex Tran

Alex Tran is a certified personal trainer that loves to help people accomplish their health and fitness goals. He understands the struggle most people go through, which is why he became a trainer in the first place. Learn all about Alex Tran and his advice to people who wish to improve their fitness!

Meet Alex Tran

  1. Out of which Elite locations do you conduct training?

Elite Sports Club-Brookfield

  1. How long have you been a personal trainer and how long have you worked at Elite?

Less than a year

  1. What made you want to start working as a personal trainer and/or for Elite?

My own fitness journey is what ignited my desire to become a personal trainer. The body highs and sense of achievement experienced through my training is something I wish to transmit to all other people just beginning or in the midst of their own fitness endeavors.

  1. What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer?

Being privileged with an opportunity to be the highlight of someone’s day during an hour-long training session.

  1. What areas of exercise/fitness do you consider to be your specialty?

Powerlifting/Strength Training, Soccer-Specific Training, Youth Sports Performance

  1. What has been your biggest personal struggle with health/fitness?

I could eat my kitchen and your kitchen and maybe gain 1 lb, if I am lucky. Trying to increase muscle mass is a tricky task for me, but it may be the start of a new goal: leaving the gains behind and decreasing my body fat percentage to the single digits.

  1. What has been your biggest personal accomplishment with health/fitness?

I can strap three 45 lb plates (135 lbs) to my waist and do 1 pull up (maybe 2, on a good day), which would be the equivalent of a 305 lb man doing the same thing (I currently weigh in around 170 lbs). I have plenty to be proud of, but I think this one sets me apart from most others.

  1. What advice do you give people who are starting a workout program for the first time or after a long absence?

If you have the mentality to persevere through days where you don’t want to train, patience where progress may be slow, and the commitment to bettering yourself, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.

  1. What advice do you give people who are struggling to make health/fitness a priority or are getting bored/burned out?

If intensity and effort are kept high, a great workout can be achieved within 10-15 minutes in the comfort of your home (assuming there are no disruptions from kids and/or pets). There’s a kaleidoscope of exercise modalities suited for your preferences that can be found via a simple Google search. But sometimes it comes down to your mindset. Do you perceive exercise as a crucial factor for reaching your goals or are your goals just not that important to you?

  1. What personal advice do you give someone who is looking to get to a healthier point in their life in general?

Chances are, millions of others started exactly where you are and ventured down the same path. And chances are, a solid portion of these individuals were able to overcome internal and external hurdles in order to not only obtain a healthier lifestyle, but also maintain that lifestyle. It will never be easy and there will be hiccups, but if you surround yourself with the right people and seek help when assistance is needed, you can leave your previous self in the dust and reach an enhanced state of health to your liking.

Have you trained or had a fitness assessment with Alex Tran? Tell us about your experience, or perhaps your own personal health & fitness story!

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